Spanish/music Enrichment classes

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Birthdays and private classes available as well! 

About my Program:

During early childhood, children's brains are what is referred to in the development community as "plastic". This means they are continuously changing, growing, and adapting to what the world presents to them.

This is an ideal time to introduce your child to a second language!

My Spanish music program is fun and dynamic, and presents the material in the most engaging way: though music! You'll be surprised at how quickly your child will pick up new vocabulary. As a native Spanish speaker, I am able to offer an authentic approach not only to the language, but to the Latin American culture as well! 
I have taught this program at some of LA's top preschools including Camelot Kids, LA Family School, and Discovery Days. If you are interested in having it at your Day Care Center or Preschool, please contact me!