Please read these terms carefully. When you book me for a party, you are agreeing to the following: 

A. You acknowledge and fully understand that you, your child(ren), and your guests will be engaging in physical activities that may involve some risk of injury. Each parent/guardian must be responsible for the safety of their child(ren) at all times during the performance. You discharge and hold harmless Sylvie Simhon and her assistant teachers from any claim or liability for damages caused by your participation in the performance. 

B. Your deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations are to be made at least 48 hours before the event. If you cancel within the allowed period, you may use your deposit to reschedule the event, subject to Sylvie's availability. 

C. You must pay the agreed upon balance in person, the day of the party. 

D. You allow Sylvie to take photos of your event, and post on social media. (OPTIONAL. If you do not want your children photographed, please say so in your booking form) 

-Sylvie Simhon